About the Author

Angel M. Garcia, M.D., is a practicing internal medicine physician with more than twenty-five years of clinical experience. Born in Habana, Dr. Garcia left Cuba at the age of eight and came to the United States to escape the Castro communist regime. Dr. Garcia’s father, also a physician, wanted his three children to live and be raised in a free country. Leaving everything behind, the Garcia family came to the United States in 1961 where Dr. Garcia’s father worked delivering pizzas and cleaning floors even though he was a physician until he passed his ECFMG and was able to get his medical license in the United States. Dr. Garcia Sr. set an excellent example for his children on how to fight for whatever you want in life and not to be afraid of anything including change.

Dr. Angel Garcia graduated from Ararat High School near the small town of Claudville, Virginia, where Dr. Garcia Sr. was the town doctor. The Garcia family then moved to Beaumont, Texas, where Dr. Garcia performed his premed studies at Lamar University. After obtaining a double major in biology and chemistry, Dr. Angel Garcia attended the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Medical School and graduated with a degree of physician and surgeon in June of 1979. Thereafter, Dr. Garcia performed one year of rotating internship including OB-GYN, pediatrics, internal medicine, and general surgery at Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital. Immediately after, Dr. Garcia performed one year of emergency medicine at the Nogales Red Cross. Dr. Garcia went onto complete two years of internal medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

After four years of postgraduate medical training, Dr. Garcia opened his first private primary care practice in Boca Raton, Florida, in the spring of 1984. His excellent bedside manners and excellent widespread experience allowed him to build a very successful private medical practice where he broke even financially in his fourth month of practice, thereby generating profits in less than one year after being in practice. Dr. Garcia continued a very successful private practice until about 1996 when HMOs and insurance companies began drastically slashing reimbursement to physicians. By the summer of 2000, Dr. Garcia decided to close down his private practice because he could no longer justify the overhead of practicing solo. While working full time and seeing an average of forty patients per day, Dr. Garcia also researched and designed electronic medical records, a life mission and vision of how to improve medical care by using technology to track medical problems. By working with physicians of multiple specialties, Dr. Garcia designed an online, real-time, standardized electronic medical records and clinical tracking system for thirty-two medical and surgical specialties. From 1996 to 2005, Dr. Garcia was a five-time guest speaker at the National Medical Records Institute annual scientific meetings. In 2001, Dr. Garcia was selected as a finalist at Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was also a guest of President George Bush at the White House for the High-Tech Leaders Forum and the Economic Leaders Forum. In 2002, Dr. Garcia was a guest of Secretary Tommy Thompson at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC regarding the standardization of electronic medical records.

He is a published author in the Healthcare Informatics Magazine, entitled “Standardizing the Computerized Patient Records Infrastructure” and in the Journal of Insurance Medicine, entitled “Evaluation of Medical Records for the Determination of Insurability.” Dr. Garcia has obtained several copyrights and a software patent for a hospital information system. Dr. Garcia continues to see patients daily in urgent care centers and in an occupational medicine clinic. Dr. Garcia is committed to do everything in his power to improve the patient-doctor relationship by giving control of health care back to the patient where it belongs.